Hooks and Needles Mag Cover Summer 2014.jpg

Hooks & Needles Magazine began as a print and digital, knitting and crochet pattern magazine that was released quarterly. After a year of publications, we re-evaluated our goals and everything we learned over that first year. We're so proud of all we accomplished, and how much we grew.

Now, Hooks & Needles is still bringing you great knitting and crochet patterns, but we have fine tuned the best parts, and updated our philosophies and practices. In an effort to keep greener and also more cost effective and affordable, we now will offer a variety of publications, most will be offered digital only. We plan to offer individual patterns for sale; and smaller, themed ebooks. We may occasionally offer a print edition pattern book, too.

Hooks & Needles has had a partial changing of the guard. My original business partner and the photographer for most of our photos so far, has had great success in her photography business and it needs her full attention. We're sad to have lost a great business partner, but so happy for her and her business. We'll still see her influence in Hooks & Needles from time to time in either crochet pattern designs, or photography.

With this change, Hooks & Needles will become the publication division of my hand dyed fiber business, DragynKnyts Fiber and Dyeworks. I'm looking forward to what's to come!

Please stay tuned here, and on the Hooks & Needles Facebook page, and the DragynKnyts Facebook page, for updates when we roll out new patterns or ebooks. We are in the process of transferring from the original Hooks & Needles website to here, and also in the process of getting our webstore set up. We will have the digital and print editions available for sale again soon so stay tuned!